Scot + Sharon

We are Scot + Sharon Benton. Married for a whole lot of years with five kids. Our family keeps growing with sons/daughter in laws and grand-babies all the time, which we love!

Going out to dinner, game nights, movies, day trips to the beach and other beautiful locations or jumping in the car and heading to Disneyland for a “Minni” vacation as often as possible are some of our favorite things.

We LOVE finding a great series on Netflix that we can binge watch together. We are both total night owls, so the binge watching and night owls combination can be somewhat dangerous!

We could be the poster children for the slogan “opposites attract". Our opposite nature works well in our mix of photography and brings a full range of creation in our business.

What we both totally agree on...Dr. Pepper, Good and Plenty's, Eclairs from Safeway, Rubio’s Nachos, and Pizza Rock! Salted Carmel Ice Cream from the Regal Theater in El Dorado Hills is the best ice cream ever, although we have a soft spot for Leatherby’s.

Our Santa’s Enchanted Workshop is something we both have a passion for and are always on the lookout for sweet, unique pieces to add to our storybook setting. I find myself heading to the workshop just to sit and think: it’s become my happy place. 


Santa's Enchanted workshop is located in Rescue California in the Foothills of El Dorado County. 

10 minuets East of El Dorado Hills on HW 50  

(35 minuets East of Sacramento on HW 50)